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Program Schedule:

Sunday: PWP Podcast (GFW Edition) 12AM

Monday:  PWP Podcast (ROH NXT Edition) 12 AM 

Pro Wrestling Stop & Go (Bonus episode) 12 AM

T uesday: Todd & Kelly Sexton (SFCW Booker) 12AM

Wednesday: 10 Count: Best Anmouncers All Time (12 AM)

Thursday: Weekly Flagship Show 12AM

Friday:  TGP: The Guerrilla Press 12AM

Saturday:  Drew Blood & Joseph Brock III (JB Enterprises) (SFCW & Indy Stars)

  1. Nick McDaniel
    Co-host of The Weekly Flagship Show and Interview Shows
  2. Myron Fancher
    Co-Host of The Weekly Flagship Show and Interview Shows
  3. Lewis Carlan
    Host of the Pro Wrestling Personified Podcast ROH/NXT & GFW/Smash Editions
  1. Jon Marlett
    Co-host of The Guerrilla Press
  2. Sam Cavalieri
    Co-Host of The Guerrilla Press
  3. Bobby Mathews
    Host of Old School w/ Bobby Mathews
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