Program Schedule:

Sunday: (Feb 18th)
PWP Podcast ROH NJPW Ed.
(12:05 PM)

Monday:   (Feb 19th)
PWP Podcast Impact Wrestling Edition
(12:05 PM)

T uesday:  (Feb 20th)
(12:05 PM)

Wednesday:  (Feb 21st)
Wrestling News Weekly
(12:05 PM)

Thursday:  (Feb 22nd)
TGP: The Guerrila Press 
(12:05 PM)

  1. Nick McDaniel
    Co-host of The Wrestling News Weekly
  2. Myron Fancher
    Co-Host of The Wrestling News Weekly
  3. Lewis Carlan
    Host of the Pro Wrestling Personified Podcast
  1. Jon Marlett
    Co-host of The Guerrilla Press
  2. Sam Cavalieri
    Co-Host of The Guerrilla Press

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