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Program Schedule:

Sunday: P.W.P. Podcast (ROH/NXT) 12PM

Matt "The Hipster Heel" (The Gimmick Table Podcast) SceneNick (Wrestling Social Media Promoter) 12AM

Monday: P.W.P Podcast (Global Force Wrestling) 12 AM

Mike Mills (Booking The Territory Podcast) 12 AM

T uesday: Darin Corbin (Indy Superstar) 12AM

Wednesday:  The Legend's Weekly Wrestling Wrap-up 2AM

Thursday: The DDT Archives (Starrcade 1995) 12AM

Steve Wilson: The Man Behind Kongo Kong (Global Force Wrestling Superstar) 12AM

Friday:   Jose Luis Rivera (WWWF, NWA, WWF Star) 12 AM

Nick "The Dark Horse"
Cutler (Indy Star) 12AM

Saturday: Tommy Rich (Former NWA World Champion) 12 AM

  1. Nick McDaniel
    Founder, Co-host of The Weekly Wrap-up and Interview Shows
  2. Myron Fancher
    Co-Host of The Weekly Wrap-up and Interview Shows
  3. "The Legend" Nathan Litman
    Host of the Weekly Wrap-up
  1. Jon Marlett
    Co-host of The Guerrilla Press
  2. Sam Cavalieri
    Co-Host of The Guerrilla Press
  3. Gregg Lotta
    Co-host of the DDT Archives
  1. "Mr. Courageous" Christopher Lotta
    Co-host of The DDT Archives
  2. Lewis Carlan
    Host of Pro Wrestling Personified Podcast (ROH/NXT) & Impact Editions
  3. Bobby Mathews
    Interview specialist on Old School w/ Bobby Mathews Writer for