New Year’s Eve, Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi visited Diamond Dallas Page and the DDP Yoga Performance Center to film a Facebook live segment. In the background hung the coat. “THE COAT” , if you are a wrestling fan that loves the old days, you know the coat I’m referring to. In December of 1985,  Dusty Rhodes and Magnum T.A. joined Tony Schiavone at the World Championship Wrestling interview podium. Magnum and Dusty were wearing matching, almost floor length, massive fur coats.
                In the spectacle of excess that was 80’s wrestling, these coats stood out. In 1985 wearing a fur wasn’t frowned upon like it is today, it was exactly the opposite, a symbol of wealth and power. And there next to Tony and his microphone with the perfect era puffy foam windscreen stood two men. One with a championship belt, one with some band aids over one eye, but both looked like victorious warriors returning from a great battle. If you were a poor little kid like I was then, this image left you in awe. Those coats were massive. Sure Ric Flair had his robes and shoes and Rolex, but there stood the son of a plumber in a coat fit for a king.
                Diamond Dallas Page acquired the coat from Dusty, he saw it much the same way I did as a child and asked Dusty about it. Dusty Gave him the coat and it was a prized possession. Dallas had loaned Cody the coat for some of his recent work. I had seen him in the coat looking like royalty, but I never put the two together. I did not realize it was “THE COAT” he was wearing until I saw the video Page released. I had no idea it still existed, I had just assumed it was a replica. When I saw the video of them onstage with the coat and understood it was “THE COAT”, I was captivated.
 I wasn’t ready for that video. When Cody was telling about someone seeing the coat and asking “is that it?”, I kinda froze up. I have spent a lot time recently looking at Cody with curiosity. Like me, he lives in metro Atlanta and is a Georgia Bulldogs fan, so I instantly liked him. He is friends with Stephen Amell , has appeared on my favorite television show Arrow,  as a super villain, and had Amell participate in WWE and ROH shows. Every time Cody and Brandi post pictures of their dogs on Twitter, my daughter goes nuts and won’t stop talking about how adorable they are. I knew him as Stardust and had followed his leaving the WWE and his success outside of Stanford. But I didn’t know about Cody well enough to understand that he knew. He knew about the importance of his father and all that had come before. He knew tradition is the heart of why a lot of us still watch wrestling. He knew how important “THE COAT” was.
                The next thing was what made me cry. I had always heard about what a great person DDP is. He told Cody he was leaving “THE COAT” to him in his will, but his wife had saw Cody wearing it and said he should be enjoying it now. So Diamond Dallas Page, a man of humble beginnings who had been gifted “THE COAT” from the son of a plumber returned it to the grandson of that plumber. Instantly all was well in the wrestling universe. Everything that was important had been confirmed. What is good about wrestling, the tradition, the good people, and the heart and soul was still there.
                Thank you Cody and DDP for letting me know the magic still exists.
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By: Myron Fancher